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Janhit Mein Corruption….Election Special Act

‘Janhit mein Corruption’, again an Election special act in the Punarnava meet, is presented by Dr.Ila Prakash and Mrs.Madhu Gupta, it has been written by Dr.Meera Verma with references from mewspaper articles and magazines…..

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Neta Vandana and Radio Chunavistaan….Election Special

In our Punarnava Election Special, we started with Neta-Vandana sung by me and my mother, then news-reading from ‘Radio Chunavistaan’ by Dr.Meera Verma and Dr.Ila Prakash….The script of this programme is written by Dr.Meera taking references from various articles in newspapers and magazines mixed with original ideas. The aim is to create a humorous act and not offend anyone so I apologize beforehand if anyone feels offended….thanks…..

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