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Just near the temple was Appu Ghar. The rides were not in working order due to the snow. The staff suggested that we could opt for boating and it was a unique wonderful experience. We were mesmerized by the snow-covered hills and the natural beauty all around us…..


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Next day we came to know that the roads to Rohtang Pass and the other nearby places were closed due to snow. So we decided to make the most of our stay and cover Manali on foot. This proved to be a good decision as we saw much of the natural beauty around which we could have missed if we had hired a car.


We came to know that Hidimaba Devi Temple was nearby and walked to it. It is one of the most important temple in Manali. Hidimba was the wife of Bhim, one of the Pandavas of Mahabharata.The temple enshrines her footprints. It has a pagoda roof and is built in the middle of a forest called Dhungiri Van Vihar.


The temple has some beautiful and artistic wooden carvings which depict mythological characters and motifs of animals & cosmic dancers.

Some photographers were clicking tourists’ pictures in native dress. We also got our pictures clicked.Can’t post those as we looked…..  😛 ‘Different’ Yes, thats the right word 🙂

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I always feel that memories are the most precious jewels which we treasure in our mind and heart. They are a source of happiness forever. Whenever we turn the pages and recollect the memories we feel so happy. Thought of sharing these jewels with you……

Manali trip in 1997 is one of the precious memories….. Manali is a beautiful hill-station in Himachal Pradesh in India. It is named after the Brahmin law-maker Manu. In some Hindu traditions, Manu is believed to be the first of mankind.

Me and my husband reached Manali by an overnight bus from Chandigarh on 25th Nov 1997 at 5:00A.M. in the morning. It was raining. As the day broke, snowfall started. It was the first time I had ever seen snowfall  and my joy knew no bounds. Due to the snowfall, we could not go far from the hotel so just walked around the local area and market.22

The beautiful scenery was amazing. All tourists were excitedly discussing that snowfall was due at the Christmas time but had arrived one month earlier than usual. I felt it was another of those blessings which God sent to us out of turn :). Spent a very enjoyable day and evening in snowfall….dinner at a local Punjabi restaurant was equally delicious…….20

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