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Vashishtha Village and Temples are named after the sage Vashishtha who was the teacher of Lord Rama. Walking to the Vashishtha Village and Temple is the best thing to do for nature-lovers. It gives the true feel of the village, the traditional dresses and the beauty. The temples here are famous. Also are the famous hot-water Sulphur springs …..truly an experience!


Next day was sunny and we walked up to the Vashishtha Temple which is 3kms from Manali, located on a steep hill. We found a puppy on the way and he followed us to the village 🙂 Saw a small tea-shop like a blessing on the way….both of us sat there, my husband, Dr.Veerottam played mouth-organ….Nature, Love and Music…..What else can anyone wish for? Felt truly blessed and happy…..


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