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As we walked by these small beautiful houses in Manali, I loved the aristic patterns and designs painted on the doors and windows…someone must have painted them with so much love for their home….Simplicity is beautiful……

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                                       Whenever I think about God, what comes to my mind is a great source of energy, power and positivity, a little amount of energy is also distributed from that source in this world, we too possess a part of it…..as for taking decision about the rights and wrongs, that energy inside us (which we call our अंतरात्मा) always warns us if we go against all what is positive according to it, henceforth it is our responsibility whether we weaken it or strengthen it, can’t blame God for everything….this is our ‘Life’….we have to live, love, fight and struggle and prove ourselves worthy for this amazing gift…..it is quite simple and scientific according to me. When that energy leaves us, we are nothing….. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but I firmly believe that one day Science will prove and explain about the existence of God………..as all the other mysteries, it will be uncovered some day whether we are there to see it or not…….

                                Anything or any belief which scares or frightens us is never good for us. I have seen so many people scared that they will be harmed if they do not follow rituals or keep fasts and sick patients and pregnant ladies fasting due to this. We are a part of that Supreme Energy, we should be Free and Fearless in spirit for all that is right, the only thing we should be afraid of is ‘Treading the wrong path’. That is why I also believe that all the people living their lives simply and positively and on the right path are worshipping God by doing this only, it doesn’t matter if they visit the religious places or not, perform special ceremonies or not….’Right Kind of Life is their Religion’ which is just great I feel……


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