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Blessings from heaven

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एकं सद विप्रा बहुधा वदन्ति । ऋग्वेद​

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Welcome to the era of Religious, Caste, Cult and Sect Robotisation. Congratulations! till now either you have already become or are in the process of being converted into Religious Robots.


  • Human being with a ready mind.
  • Customs,rituals and guidelines of a caste/ cult/sect/religion.


  1. Convert a section of your brain into a sealed and secured space labelled CASTE/CULT/SECT/RELIGION.
  2. Feed all the principles and rules laid down by your Caste/cult/sect/religion under the guidance of your trainer.Take care that no other thought is allowed to enter or leave this section of your brain.
  3. DON’T DARE to question or try to test on logic any of these principles and rules, remember you are just a petty human being not qualified to do so.
  4. Wander in all the religious places to search for God except inside your own heart.
  5. DON’T DARE to be overconfident enough to think that finding God is as easy as searching and cleansing your soul. It is the most difficult and complicated task which you can never accomplish without mediators who are the only ones to lead you along the difficult path.
  6. Ensure that you are reasonably scared that you will be punished by some mishap or any other way if you miss following any of the customs or rituals at any given time.
  7. Have firm belief that Truth is only what is taught by your cult/caste/sect/religion. No truth exists beyond it.
  8. DON’T DARE get any original ideas, remember you deserve only to be a Follower.
  9. Never think that you are a part of God and therefore can find him inside your own heart.
  10. Last but not the least, DON’T let any Logical thoughts contaminate the secured religious compartment in your brain, you are supposed to live and die with the data inside without attempting to change or research it.


Hereby, we conclude that if you follow and fulfill these 10 GOLDEN RULES, you have qualified to become a Religious Robot. Now your Trainers just have to provide a slightest trigger and you will do the needful without thinking and questioning.


  • Now you are welcome to Laugh/ Cry/Celebrate if you find this to be a Joke/Tragedy/Achievement.
  • Lastly, even after all this training if you do get any original ideas, start a new Cult/Sect/Religion…you are sure to have followers…everyone does.

Yours sincerely,

Still struggling to graduate,


 P.S. Forgot to mention…Please don’t forget to take a Guarantee from your trainers that in case you are reborn, you MUST be blessed with the same caste/cult/sect/religion otherwise all the efforts you are undertaking will be so futile if the contrary happens..All The Best 🙂


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Remembering  Tauji today…although you have left all of us for your heavenly abode but your fond and inspiring memories live in our hearts.

The world knew Tauji as Shri Surendra Pal Singh Rana. God did not bless him with children and Tauji and Taiji adopted  Taiji’s niece. After retiring from the Govt.job as Nayab Tehsildaar he settled in our paternal home at Meerut. He was second of all the siblings. His life is a living example of the wonders which optimism, courage and will-power can bring about.

In 1990,he seemed to have some minor symptoms indicating a kidney problem for which my sister Dr.Rekha Panwar who was then studying in the Medical College took him for consultation in Surgery Deptt. where he was diagnosed as a case of Renal Cell Carcinoma. An operation was planned immediately by renowned surgeon Prof.V.B. Bhatnagar . One of the kidneys was removed by Nephrectomy in Meerut Medical College. Tauji  improved rapidly after the surgery and as time passed, cancer seemed to be a temporary nightmare.

In 1994, he felt a mass in abdomen and drew everybody’s attention to it. It was found to be a  firm matted mass of para-aortic lymph nodes sticking all around the aorta. All in the family were alarmed and immediately took medical advice. He was also a patient of Hypothyroidism, Diabetes and Hypertension and also very weak at that time so Doctors in Meerut didn’t advice surgery as there were many chances that he would not return alive from the operation theatre. But if left in that condition, the prognosis was barely a 1 or 2 months according to the specialists. My brother Dr. Rajeev Singh was working as Senior Resident  in Surgery at that time in Holy Family Hospital Delhi under Dr. Mahajan. So he decided to take Tauji for an opinion to him. Dr. Mahajan, agreed that the surgery was a very high risk one but operation could be planned if the patient conceded after knowing the risk. After returning from Delhi, I still remember the whole family was in a dilemma…after much discussion the situation was truthfully conveyed to Taiji. The whole family then decided to tell Tauji the truth and do whatever he decided. Tauji decided to go for the surgery..he said “Either I will go or stay” “ If surgery is successful then at least there is a chance that I can live but if it is not done then I have to go…how do a few days matter. It is either this side or that.” The surgery was planned in Holy Family, it was an emotional moment when all of us had tears in our eyes as Tauji bade farewell saying “ Don’t know if I will be able to see you all and my dear home again.”It had been explained that he could expire on the OT table. With God’s grace and the operating surgeons’ expertise, the surgery was successful. Those were happy times, I still remember…all were happy as though we had won a battle.

After recovering from the surgery, a month of Radiotherapy was planned. It was done in Kamla Nehru Hospital Allahabad. Tauji and Taiji stayed at my Bhabhi Dr.Anurita Singh’s home for a month where her mother LateMrs.Saroj Baveja and Buaji Prof.Raj Baveja, who is a renowned Gynaecologist, and was in Kamla Nehru Hospital at that time, took real care of them. The whole family will always be thankful to them. After 1 month of radiotherapy, Tauji and Taiji returned from Allahabad and Tauji was never ever troubled by cancer again in his life. Decisions are so important in life. One minute can change the destiny of man. If Tauji would not have opted for surgery, he would have left us 20 years back.


My father and Tauji…

scan0110 (2) scan0101 (2)


Happy family times….


Tauji lived a normal life after that, going for regular medical treatment to Dr. Adhip Mitra, a renowned Senior Physician in Meerut. A few years back Chronic Renal Failure was diagnosed but I can say that with only one kidney and that too in failure, Tauji managed well with only medical treatment needing hospital admission for minor problems only twice or thrice. In April 2013, his Serum Urea and Creatinine which had been stable for so long, started rising. Dialysis was advised but both Tauji and Taiji were not in favour of it as Tauji was very weak . At first we listened to him but he started becoming drowsy , had vomittings and was in a bad state. One morning my father came with tears in his eyes and said, “ I can’t see him like this…lets go for dialysis and leave to God. What do you say?!” My husband Dr.Veerottam Tomer was already of the same opinion and I too thought that we should leave no stone unturned. So Papa took Tauji for dialysis continuously for 2 months. His drowsiness went away and he was alert talking to everyone and much better. But one day when he returned after dialysis, he was drowsy and in a bad state. Immediately he was admitted where he was found to be in Septicaemia, Dr. Veerottam put him on ventilator for a few days and then miraculously was weaned off from it. Here I saw a Doctor’s judgement and dedication to save a patient. Everyone advised him against putting Tauji on ventilator and not trouble him too much but my husband told me “He will live long after this if we treat him and being doctors we must try to save the patient till the last breath.” His words proved to be true. Tauji came out of ventilator, was shifted to home much better and was conscious. Although he was bed-ridden but was otherwise perfectly fine.Taiji took great care of him at this time. Started walking with support after sometime. The most amazing part was that his serum urea and creatinine had stopped rising even without dialysis. Every doctor found this miraculous. He lived 1 year after that enjoying all the festivals always thanking all the doctors and family members for taking so much care of him. He completed 80 years in January and 55 years of marriage in May.

On 30th May I got a call from Taiji, she said, “Beta! It seems your Tauji will leave us all today, he wants to meet you… is remembering Veerottam and Rajeev a lot.” I went immediately…his eyes were closed, and he immediately recognized me as I kept my hand on his forehead saying “Tauji…” He immediately responded “Haan Beta” .He seemed to have difficulty in speaking. I sat there holding his hand for sometime. My husband and Rajeev Bhaiya too met him….blood tests were sent. It was in the morning of 31st May that Tauji breathed his last peacefully at home…..

All of us will always miss him. His life being an example for us and the ultimate proof that,

                    “ If you love life, life loves you”


We will always love you Tauji…May your blessed soul rest in peace…Thank you for being in our life….

Your daughter,


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Baisakhi is the harvest festival of India celebrated with great joy specially in Punjab….On this joyous occasion, I wish all of you A Very Happy Baisakhi and pray to God to shower his blessings on all of us…THis hymn is from Guru Granth Sahib, the lyrics and translation are….

“koee bolai raam raam koee khudhaae ||
Some call the Lord ‘Ram, Ram’, and some ‘Khuda’.

koee saevai guseeaa koee alaahi ||1||
Some serve Him as ‘Gusain’, others as ‘Allah’.

kaaran karan kareem ||
He is the Cause of causes, and Generous.

kirapaa dhhaar reheem ||1||
He showers His Grace and Mercy upon us.

koee naavai theerathh koee haj jaae ||
Some pilgrims bathe at sacred shrines, others go on Hajj to Mecca.

koee karai poojaa koee sir nivaae ||2||
Some do devotional worship, whilst others bow their heads in prayer.

koee parrai baedh koee kathaeb ||
Some read the Vedas, and some the Koran.

koee oudtai neel koee supaedh ||3||
Some wear blue robes, and some wear white.

koee kehai thurak koee kehai hi(n)dhoo ||
Some call themselves Muslim, and some call themselves Hindu.

koee baashhai bhisath koee suragi(n)dhoo ||4||
Some yearn for paradise, and others long for heaven.

kahu naanak jin hukam pashhaathaa ||
Says Nanak, one who realizes the Hukam of God’s Will,

prabh saahib kaa thin bhaedh jaathaa ||5||
knows the secrets of his Lord Master.”

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ईश्वर तेरी इस दुनिया में….

यूँ कब तक जीते जायें हम ?

और जलते हुए इन रस्तों पर​….

यूँ गीत कहाँ तक गायें हम ?

कठपुतलियों के इन शहरों में-

इन्सां को कौन पूछता है ?

इन आग लगाने वालों में-

सावन को कौन पूछता है ?

अब इन्द्रधनुष के रंगों में-

सिर्फ़ लाल रंग क्यूँ दिखता है ?

इन गीतों की इस सरगम में-

क्यूँ चीत्कार सा सुनता है ?

चुभते हुए इन काँटों में-

फूल देख कब तक मुस्कायें हम ?

ईश्वर तेरी इस दुनिया में….

यूँ कब तक जीते जायें हम ?

जहाँ रक्षक ही तो भक्षक है-

और चोर ही बन गया प्रहरी है,

जहाँ भेस बदल कर दानव ही

देखो देवदूत-सा दिखता है

और शैतान भी शर्मा जायेगा,

जब अपने मुँह से वो कहता है-

“जो होता है वो होने दो !

जो रोता है उसे रोने दो !”

तपते हुए इस घायल दिल पर​—–

चाँदनी का मरहम कब तक लगायें हम ?

ईश्वर तेरी इस दुनिया में….

यूँ कब तक जीते जायें हम ?


Ishwar teri is duniya mein….

Yun kab tak jeete jaayein hum ?

Aur jalte hue in raston par….

Yun geet kahaan tak gaayein hum ?

Kathputliyon ke in sheharon mein-

Insaan ko kaun poochhta hai?

In aag lagaane waalon mein-

Saawan ko kaun poochhta hai?

Ab indradhanush ke rangon mein-

Sirf laal rang kyun dikhta hai?

In geeton ki is sargam mein-

Kyun cheetkaar sa sunta hai?

Chubhte hue in kaanton mein-

Phool dekh kab tak muskaayein hum?

Ishwar teri is duniya mein….

Yun kab tak jeete jaayein hum ?

Jahaan rakshak hi to bhakshak hai,

Aur chor hi ban gaya prehari hai,

Jahaan bhes badal kar daanav hi-

Dekho, Devdoot-sa dikhta hai

Aur shaitaan bhi sharmaa jaayega,

Jab apne munh se wo kehta hai-

“Jo hota hai wo hone do!

Jo rota hai use rone do!”

Tapte hue is ghaayal dil par,

Chaandni ka marham kab tak lagaayein hum?

Ishwar teri is duniya mein….

Yun kab tak jeete jaayein hum ?

The English translation of these lines are as follows-

O God! In this world of yours….

Till when do I live in this way?

On these burning paths…..

Till when do I sing songs this way?

In these cities of puppets-

Who cares about humans?

Amongst those who want to start a fire-

Who cares about the rains?

Now in the colours of rainbow-

Why do I see only the red colour?

In the notations of these songs-

Why do I hear heart-rending cries ?

Amongst these piercing thorns-

Till when do I see the flowers and smile?

O God! In this world of yours….

Till when do I live in this way?

Where the protector himself is the predator,

And thief himself has become the sentinel

Where demon has guised himself-

And looks like a Godsent angel

And the Devil himself will be embarrassed,

When he utters these foul-mouthed words-

“Whatever happens,Let it happen!

Whoever cries, Let him cry!”

On this fevered and wounded heart of mine…

Till when do I apply moonlight as the medication?

O God! In this world of yours….

Till when do I live in this way?



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(Ajab hairaan hun Bhagwan,tumhein kyun-kar rijhaaun mein

…..I am strangely perplexed Dear God , How do I please you

Koi vastu nahin aisi jise sewa mein laaun mein) 2

…….There is nothing which I can use for this purpose


Karun kis taur aawahan ki tum sarvatra vyaapak ho 2

……How do I call upon you as you are Universal, present everywhere

Niraadar hai bulaane ko ,agar ghanti bajaaun mein

…….It is disrespectful if I ring a bell to call upon you

Ajab hairaan hun Bhagwan,tumhein kyun-kar rijhaaun mein

…..I am strangely perplexed Dear God , How do I please you


Tumhin ho moorti mein bhi, tumhi vyaapak ho phoolon mein

……You are present in statues as well as flowers

Bhala Bhagwaan par Bhagwaan ko kyun-kar chadhaaun mein

……How do I offer God himself to God

Ajab hairaan hun Bhagwan,tumhein kyun-kar rijhaaun mein

…..I am strangely perplexed Dear God , How do I please you


Lagaana bhog kuchh tumko, ye ek apmaan karna hai 2

……Trying to feed you is an insult

Khilaata hai jo sab jag ko, use kyun-kar khilaaun mein

…….You feed the whole world, how can I feed you

Ajab hairaan hun Bhagwan,tumhein kyun-kar rijhaaun mein

…..I am strangely perplexed Dear God , How do I please you

Tumhaari jyoti se roshan hain Suraj ,Chaand aur Taare 2

…..Your radiance lights up Sun, Moon and Stars

Mahaa andher hai kaise tumhein Deepak dikhaaun mein

…..It is very unfortunate if I show a lamp to you

Ajab hairaan hun Bhagwan,tumhein kyun-kar rijhaaun mein

…..I am strangely perplexed Dear God , How do I please you



Bhujaaein hain naa gardan hai naa seena hai naa peshaani 2

…..You don’t have arms, neck, chest or forehead

Tum ho nirlep Naarayan, kahaan chandan lagaaun mein

……Nothing can be applied to you God, where do I put the sandalwood paste

Ajab hairaan hun Bhagwan,tumhein kyun-kar rijhaaun mein

…..I am strangely perplexed Dear God , How do I please you


Bade naadaan hain we jan jo ghadte aapki moorat 2

….Ignorant are those who make your idols

Banaata hai jo sab jag ko use kyun-kar banaaun mein

…..You create the whole world, how can I create you

Ajab hairaan hun Bhagwan,tumhein kyun-kar rijhaaun mein

…..I am strangely perplexed Dear God , How do I please you

Koi vastu nahin aisi jise sewa mein laaun mein

…….There is nothing which I can use for this purpose

Ajab hairaan hun Bhagwan,tumhein kyun-kar rijhaaun mein 2

…..I am strangely perplexed Dear God , How do I please you

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                                       Whenever I think about God, what comes to my mind is a great source of energy, power and positivity, a little amount of energy is also distributed from that source in this world, we too possess a part of it…..as for taking decision about the rights and wrongs, that energy inside us (which we call our अंतरात्मा) always warns us if we go against all what is positive according to it, henceforth it is our responsibility whether we weaken it or strengthen it, can’t blame God for everything….this is our ‘Life’….we have to live, love, fight and struggle and prove ourselves worthy for this amazing gift…..it is quite simple and scientific according to me. When that energy leaves us, we are nothing….. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but I firmly believe that one day Science will prove and explain about the existence of God………..as all the other mysteries, it will be uncovered some day whether we are there to see it or not…….

                                Anything or any belief which scares or frightens us is never good for us. I have seen so many people scared that they will be harmed if they do not follow rituals or keep fasts and sick patients and pregnant ladies fasting due to this. We are a part of that Supreme Energy, we should be Free and Fearless in spirit for all that is right, the only thing we should be afraid of is ‘Treading the wrong path’. That is why I also believe that all the people living their lives simply and positively and on the right path are worshipping God by doing this only, it doesn’t matter if they visit the religious places or not, perform special ceremonies or not….’Right Kind of Life is their Religion’ which is just great I feel……


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Aatmaaon mein prajjwalit

Satya ka prakaash ho………….

Sab andheron ko paraajit kar-

Jaise ek Surya sa ugtaa ho………….

Mere-tumhaare, hum sabke,

Chhote chhote ye Shakti-Punj………….

Sampoorna Bramhaand ki Anant, Satya, Sunehari Oorja milkar

Jaise Ishwariya Shakti ban jaati ho…………….

Koi chamatkar nahin, keertan nahin,

Badi-badi vidwattapoorna baatein nahin………..

Bas Shuddhata se paripoorna hriday,

Jaise ujjwal darpan ho………………………………..

Jismein us Anant ka-

Pratibimb dikh jaata ho……………………………..


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