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Welcome to the era of Religious, Caste, Cult and Sect Robotisation. Congratulations! till now either you have already become or are in the process of being converted into Religious Robots.


  • Human being with a ready mind.
  • Customs,rituals and guidelines of a caste/ cult/sect/religion.


  1. Convert a section of your brain into a sealed and secured space labelled CASTE/CULT/SECT/RELIGION.
  2. Feed all the principles and rules laid down by your Caste/cult/sect/religion under the guidance of your trainer.Take care that no other thought is allowed to enter or leave this section of your brain.
  3. DON’T DARE to question or try to test on logic any of these principles and rules, remember you are just a petty human being not qualified to do so.
  4. Wander in all the religious places to search for God except inside your own heart.
  5. DON’T DARE to be overconfident enough to think that finding God is as easy as searching and cleansing your soul. It is the most difficult and complicated task which you can never accomplish without mediators who are the only ones to lead you along the difficult path.
  6. Ensure that you are reasonably scared that you will be punished by some mishap or any other way if you miss following any of the customs or rituals at any given time.
  7. Have firm belief that Truth is only what is taught by your cult/caste/sect/religion. No truth exists beyond it.
  8. DON’T DARE get any original ideas, remember you deserve only to be a Follower.
  9. Never think that you are a part of God and therefore can find him inside your own heart.
  10. Last but not the least, DON’T let any Logical thoughts contaminate the secured religious compartment in your brain, you are supposed to live and die with the data inside without attempting to change or research it.


Hereby, we conclude that if you follow and fulfill these 10 GOLDEN RULES, you have qualified to become a Religious Robot. Now your Trainers just have to provide a slightest trigger and you will do the needful without thinking and questioning.


  • Now you are welcome to Laugh/ Cry/Celebrate if you find this to be a Joke/Tragedy/Achievement.
  • Lastly, even after all this training if you do get any original ideas, start a new Cult/Sect/Religion…you are sure to have followers…everyone does.

Yours sincerely,

Still struggling to graduate,


 P.S. Forgot to mention…Please don’t forget to take a Guarantee from your trainers that in case you are reborn, you MUST be blessed with the same caste/cult/sect/religion otherwise all the efforts you are undertaking will be so futile if the contrary happens..All The Best 🙂


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